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Family Census Data:  1850-1910

(Note)  Census data often has errors regarding spelling of names, ages, etc.  Example:  If you are looking for the Edward Bresnan family in the Moultrie County census for 1860, you will not find them.  The surname is listed as Brisner.      

Census Part One Census Part Two Census Part Three


The 1850 Illinois Census:  Braceville, Grundy County.

Jane Henebry was living in Braceville, Grundy County.
Jane age 40, Thomas age 20, David age 18, James age 16, Michael age 12, Bess age 14, Elizabeth age 10, Patrick age 9, Bridget age 7.  

William Henebry, age 25, was  living on the next farm with his wife Mary Hayes, age 21 and their daughter Jane, one month old.  The David Hayes family was living on the adjoining farm.  David age 55, Catherine age 40, William age 20, Michael age 22, Edward age 18, Patrick age 16, Brian age 11 and Mary age 10 (all born in Ireland.  

In the 1850 census, a Francis Hennebrain-age 24 was living with the family of John Lynch in Ottawa, LaSalle County, IL.  This is probably Francis Henneberry.

No record exists for Henry, John or Garrett in this census.   Francis was living in Moultrie County in the 1880 Illinois census. John was living in Will County in 1870.  Henry could have moved to Missouri and Garrett to Montana.  


1860 Will County Census:  Wilmington Township pages 102-103:
James Henebery, age 28, Bridget, age 28, David, age 5 and Ann Dalton, age 20.  Ann is probably the sister of Bridget Dalton Henebery.  Also living with James were his brother, Thomas, age 30, Mary, age 30, David, age 5, Catherine, age 3 and Michael age 3 months.  All of the children born in Illinois.

1860 Moultrie Census

Res # Township Surname First Age Born
587 Twp. 15, R 4 E Nolan Patrick 25 Ire
      Edmond 23 Ire
588   Fogarty William 39 Ire
      Margaret 27 Ire
      Patrick 5 months IL
645 Twp. 14, R 4 E Nolan James 30 Ire
      Ann 30 Ire
      Richard 6 Ohio
      James M. 4 IL
      Mary 3 IL
      Catherine 1 IL
685   Delahunty Richard 43 Ire
      Nancy 27 Ire
      Ellen 6 IL
      Walter 4 IL
      James 2 IL
      Mary 5 months IL
600   Brisner  (Bresnan) Edward 46 Ire
      Mary 46 Ire
      Mary 21 Ire
      Margaret 19 Ire
      John 16 Ire
      Brien 14 Ire
      Catherine 12 Ire
      Lucy 6 KY
      Edward 4 KY


1870 Census: Grundy, Macon & Shelby Counties

1870 census for Grundy County, IL, Felix Township, page 29.  James Henneberry age 36, wife, Elizabeth age 32, and five children:  David-age 14, Margaret-age 5, Emma Jane-age 3, and Elizabeth-age 6 months.
1870 Macon County Illinois Census for Illini Township, Harristown:
page 19, taken July 15, 1870, dwelling # 43, family # 139:
Peter Dunn age 36, Mary age 33, John age 11, Marie age 9, Will age 7, Louis age 4 and Lizzie age 2.
John J. Dunn and Catherine Hughes.  The Hughes family came from Morgan County, IL to Shelby County, IL in the 1870's.  The 1870 census for Moweaqua Township in Shelby lists Owen Hughes, his wife Mary Duffy and children; Margaret, Mary Ann, Catherine, James, John and Owen.  Owen and Mary were married in New Orleans and their daughter Margaret was born in New Orleans, and the other children were born in Morgan County.  Mary Ann Hughes married Edward Bresnan on April 22, 1890 in Bethany, Moultrie County.


1880 Census Macon County

1880 Macon County, Illinois Census for Milam Township page 12.   110-110 taken June 12, 1880.  Peter Dunn age 48, wife Mary age 43, children all born in Illinois: John age 20, Mary age 18, William age 17, Lewis B. age 14, Lizzie A. age 12, Katie M. age 9, Annie T. age 6 and Nellie M. age 3.  


1900 Census:  Macon County

1900 Census for Macon County, Milan Township:  ED 62 Vol. 119, Sheet 5, Line 85:
Louis Dunn born July 1866 age 33; Lizzie born Dec. 1869 age 30; Homer born July 1895 age 4; Vera born Jan. 1897 age 3.  All persons born in Illinois.
From the 1900 census, Frank and Margaret Henneberry are living in Washington Township, Webster County, Iowa.  Frank may have moved to Iowa with his brother Patrick.  The census data indicates Frank is 77 and Maggie is 49.  Francis may have died in Dunscombe, Iowa.


1910 Census

1910 Census for Moultrie County, IL 171 0136 0115, Soundex K 500:
    Daniel Kinney age 42, Lizzie (Henebry) age 40, Homer age 14, Vera age 13, Aimee age 9.
1910 census data:  Christian County 012004 0181
    Edward Kinney age 28; Emma J.(Henebry) age 40; Ray J. age 16; Eva M. age 15; Leo E. age 13;
        Elizabeth A. age 10; Ronella T. age 8; Ambrose D. age 6.



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