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Fruin Family Tree

As with many Irish surnames, (Cussen/Cushing/ Cushion and Henebry/Henneberry), confusion exists regarding the spelling of Fruin/Fruein/Frewen.  No mention of the Fruin surname is found in the books by Edward MacLysaght, Irish Families and More Irish Families.  There was a battle in 1603 at Glenfruin involving the MacGregor Clan.  

The Frewen family in Ireland is descended from Thomas Frewen of Northiam, Sussex, a Cromwellian soldier who obtained lands at Castleconnell, County Limerick about 1660.  According to family tradition, one of the Castleconnell Frewen sons converted to Catholicism in the early 1700's, was disowned by his family and settled in the glen.  source: Bob Frewen

Listings in the Golden Pages Phone Directory for Ireland in Feb. 2000

Surname Listings Surname Listings
Frewen mostly in Aherlow 16 Fruin none
Cussen 98 Cushing none
Henebry 19 Henneberry 8
Hennebery 3 Heneberry none
Dunn 46 Dunne 3150
Dempsey 1097 Magner 75
Delahunty 140 McCabe 1099
Bresnan 25    

The Fruins of the Glen


Glenview House in the Glen of Aherlow

Former home of the Frewen family.  Tradition indicates a young daughter losing her life during the Famine.  The house was later owned by the O'Neal family.

Members of the Fruin, Magner, Henneberry, Cussen (Cushing) and Keily families were married and baptized in the Church of Christ the King in Galbally, Ireland.  This church was established in 1810, and is one of the 46 parishes in the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly.  Many of the Henebry's, Fruins and Magners were married and baptized in this church.  Anne Magner, the daughter of James Magner and Judy Fruin,  was baptized on Feb. 12, 1815.  This fact traces the Magner-Fruin families back at least 185 years.  Galbally is located in County Limerick, but is only a short distance from the border of County Tipperary.  The town of Tipperary is only nine miles from Galbally.  Click here for more information on Galbally.  This is why some family members were born in County Limerick and others born in County Tipperary.  Other churches are in Bansha and Aherlow.  See: Church records in Galbally, Ireland  (Note:  Population of Galbally in 1996 was 296.  Members of the Cussen and Henebry Families still live in or near Galbally as of Dec. 1999).

Buried in the Cemetery of Christ the King Church in Galbally County Limerick

  • Johanna Fruin, sister of Michael Fruin. Died on Aug. 1, 1804 at the age of 19.
  • Thomas Fruin, son of Michael, who died at the age of 55 on Aug. 16,  1803. 
  • Darby Fruin, husband of Mary of Rossberg. Died Dec 8, 1822 at the age of 70.
  • Michael Magnier, died Feb 20, 1885   
  • Bridget Frewen of Keylouges, died 1972.
Gravestone inscriptions from Clonbeg Church near Newtown in the Glen of Aherlow.  Dean & Rector:  Dr. P. N. Knowles:  The Deanery, Cashel.
"Sacred to the memory of Michael Frewen who departed this life May 29th 1871 aged 38 years.  Annie Mary Frewen his wife died 1909 aged 75" "Erected by Patrick Frewen in memory of his father Thomas died Jan 8th 1926 and the Frewen family Glencush"

Bob Frewen provided the information on Robert/Jeremiah,  found on site:  Brien Frewen Page

1.  Robert Fruin was born about 1740 in Tipperary, Ireland; he married Johanna O'Donnel and they were the parents in turn of Jeremiah Fruin, born about 1770 in Tipperary. 

2.  Jeremiah married Mary Coneroy, daughter of Richard Coneroy (1750 -) and Amy Bourke Coneroy.  Jeremiah and Mary Fruin were in turn the parents of Robert Fruin and John Fruin.

3a.  Robert Fruin,  born 12 Feb 1797 in Clonbeg, Co. Tipperary.  He married Ellen Cussen, daughter of Francis Cussen and Elizabeth (Leary) Cussen. 
 David Henebry married Jane Cussen, daughter of James C. and Honora Cussen.  More information on the Cussen Family on the Henebry Web Site.  

3b.   Another son of Jeremiah and Mary Fruin was John Fruin.  John was born in the Glen of Aherlow and died in 1861 in Brooklyn, New York.  John married Catherine Baker.  They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn where members of the Kiely and Magner families from the Glen are also buried.

3c.  William Fruin was born in April 1798 in Aherlow, County Tipperary Ireland and died October 8, 1880 in Waterbury, CT.  He married Johanna Magner who was born in 1811 and died January 12, 1891.  William and Johanna had three children:  James J. died 1906; Johanna (1839-1887) and Robert (1843-1893).  James J. married Mary Jane Slocum and owned the Fruin Hotel in Waterbury, CT.   (William could be another son of Jeremiah and Mary).

William's son with his second wife was John H. Fruin born 1859.  John H. married Nellie E. and they had seven children; Frank, Robert, John, Helen, David, Arthur and Mary.  John H. and his half brother James J. Fruin owned several properties in the Waterbury, CT area.  John Fruin sold a Waterbury  property to James J. Henebry in 1909.

3d.   Margaret Fruin married to James Magner could also be a daughter of Jeremiah and Mary).   The families of James (Margaret Fruin) and Thomas (Elizabeth Fruin) Magner also first settled near Waterbury, CT and moved to Illinois in the early 1860's.  


Children of John Fruin and Catherine Baker

  • Jeremiah Stephen Fruin (b. 1831; died 1912 in St. Louis) married Catherine Carroll
  • Richard J. Fruin (b. 1839 in New York) married Mary Agnes Reily

Children of Robert and Ellen Cussen Fruin

  • Jeremiah Fruin (b. 1826 in Tipperary; died 1900). He married Johanna Connor (born before 1830 in Tipperary).
  • Elizabeth Fruin (born 1829 in Tipperary; died 1893). She married Thomas Magner (1827-1891)
  • Mary Fruin (1830-1900), who married James Bourke (born before 1826).
  • Francis Fruin (1832-1913) who married Johanna Cross (born before 1836 in Tipperary)
  • Richard Fruin (born 1835 in Tipperary; died 1898). He married Johanna Ryan, born about 1839.
  • Robert Fruin (born April 10, 1838 in Tipperary; died 1879). He married Ellen Burns.
  • John Fruin (born 1840 in Tipperary; died 1916). He married Mary E. Doherty.
  • Julia Theresa Fruin (born Sep 29, 1842, Rosbog, Co. Tipperary; died 1923).
  • Ellen Fruin (born 1844 in Tipperary; died 1930). She was married to Owen Finegan.
  • William Fruin (1846-1850)
  • Hettie Fruin (1850-1850)


Fruin/Henebry/Cussen/Magner Connections from Galbally

Name Parents Married Parents
Thomas Magner unknown Elizabeth Fruin Robert Fruin
James Magner unknown Margaret Fruin unknown
David Henebry William & Margaret Jane Cussen James & Margaret
Robert Fruin Jeremiah and Mary Ellen Cussen Francis & Elizabeth
James Henebry David & Jane (Cussen) Henebry Elizabeth Magner James & Margaret (Fruin) Magner


Mystery of Margaret Fruin & James Magner:

Margaret Fruin

James Magner

No records for Margaret Fruin.   Married James Magner in Galbally, Ireland.  Elizabeth Fruin married Thomas Magner. Could Margaret and Elizabeth Fruin be sisters or are they first cousins?  Perhaps Margaret Fruin is the daughter of another child of Jeremiah and Mary Fruin.   John Magner, son of James & Margaret was born in Galbally in 1821.  This would have to make Margaret Fruin born in about 1800, and she could be the younger sister of Robert Fruin who married Ellen Cussen
   Can you solve the mystery????
Thomas Magner could be the younger brother or nephew of James Magner.  Elizabeth Magner, daughter of James and Margaret Fruin Magner was born in 1837 in Galbally, and married in Will County, Illinois in 1862. Thomas and Elizabeth Fruin Magner came to America and later settled in Will County, Illinois.  James and Margaret Fruin Magner came to America and settled near Waterbury, CT.  Elizabeth Magner married James Henebry whose mother was Jane Cussen.



Fruin/Henebry Connection:

Robert Frewen married Mary Henebry.  Children: born in Tipperary

William, 1861-1945. m. Johanna Walsh from Rosbog.
Margaret, born April 13, 1864. m. William Hogan
Grace, b. June 13, 1866. m. Ned Tobin from Boyntonrath
Johanna, b. Jan 22, 1869.  m. Mr. Gallahue.  died in childbirth
Marie, b. May 26, 1871.  m. John Hogan
Bridget, b. Sep 2, 1873.  m. John Looby
Annie, m. Paddy Kiely.  no children


Elizabeth Henebry, died 1842 in Tipperary.  Married Michael Kinane.  Child:  Rev. Thomas Kinane, Dean of the Cathedral at Cashel in the 1890's.
QUESTION:  Could Mary and Elizabeth Henebry be the daughters or nieces of William or David Henebry from the Glen of Aherlow?  Henebry Family


Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900 

Groom Bride County Date
FRUIN, JOHN    DOHERTY, MARY (2nd wife of John) Iroquois   01/27/1872 
Fruin, John Lyons, Maggie Iroquois 02/01/1897
Fruin, Stephen Tobil, Kate Cook 07/19/1878
Fisher, Frederick Fruin, Ellen Iroquois 09/28/1881 
Donahue, John Fruin, Louisa McLean 01/20/1897
Cleary, Michael Fruin, Louisa Iroquois 01/17/1896
    Illinois Land Purchases:
Robert Fruin purchased 40 acres in Woodford County on April 30, 1870.
 Price was $15 per acre.

Bridget Frewen Cleary:  Possible sister of the above Robert Frewen who married Mary Henebry.
                                        (Note:  Aherlow & Galbally are in the same parish.)

The Chicago Citizen, April 27, 1895.  1883-1909, obituaries, marriage and social notices:

"Bridget Cleary nee Frewen, 'relict' of the late William Cleary of Cahervilla, Co. Tipperary, and sister of Robert Frewen of Glen of Aherlow, and of Mrs. M. Guerin, of Kilteely, Co. Limerick, died at her residence 2090 Wilcox Ave. on the 21st inst. Among the mourners were her children, John, Edmond, William, Patrick, Michael, Annie, and Anastasia, nephew, P.F. Guerin, P. O'Meara, son-in-law, and many others. The funeral occurred from St. Philip's Church to Calvary."  ( Note: The tombstone in Calvary cemetery lists the following family members: Anna Cleary Shea, died June 23, 1951; Daniel J. Shea, her husband, Jan. 12, 1874-March 14, 1914); William J. Cleary, died Oct. 1, 1937; John F. Cleary died Feb. 17, 1915; and Catherine Kennedy Cleary, died Jan. 27, 1952; Section Y) 

NOTE:  information is not complete.  Census records only list head of household.  Griffith's Index lists tenants and land owners.

Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

Fruin, John     County : Limerick  Parish : Grean   Location : Garranbeg

Fruin, John     County : Tipperary  Parish : Kilmore  Location : Lisduff

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940

Fruin, John Place : New York

Year : 1833   Primary Individual : Fruin, John

Source Code : 8258

Source Name : SCOTT, KENNETH, and ROSANNE CONWAY, compilers. New York Alien Residents, 1825-1848. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978. 122p.

Source Annotation : In 1825, an Act of the New York Legislature enabled resident aliens to acquire, use, or hold real estate. Entries often give date of arrival in America.  Source Page # : 40

Fruin, Joseph Place : New York, NY

Year : 1852   Primary Individual : Fruin, Joseph

Source Code : 3457.8

Source Name : IRVIN, JOHN M., MRS. "Green Lake County Naturalization Records." In Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Newsletter, vol. 34:2 (Sept. 1987), pp. 109-110; vol. 34:3 (Jan. 1988), pp. 179-180; vol. 34:4 (Apr. 1988), pp. 253-254; vol. 35:1 (June 1988), pp. 41-42.

Source Annotation : Date and port of arrival; some are date and place of naturalization. Extracted from records at the Area Research Center, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Date and place of birth are also provided.

Source Page # : 179

Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1840

Fruin, Joseph   State : NY County : Lewis Co. Location : Greig Year : 1840 Page # : 025

Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1850

Fruin, Andrew State : PA County : Armstrong Co. Location : Pine Twp Year : 1850 Page # : 163
Fruin, Edmund State : MA County : Norfolk Co. Location : Dorchester Year : 1850 Page # : 059
Fruin, James State : NY County : Lewis Co. Location : Greig Year : 1850 Page # : 197
Fruin, Joseph State : NY County : Lewis Co. Location : Greig Year : 1850 Page # : 197
Fruin, Thomas State : NY County : Kings Co. Location : Brooklyn 6th Ward Year : 1850 Page # : 187

Census Index: U.S. Selected States/Counties, 1860

Fruin, Francis State : NY County : Kings Co. Location : 10 W.Brooklyn 3 Di Year : 1860 Page # : 535
Fruin, Joseph State : NY County : Lewis Co. Location : Greig Year : 1860 Page # : 400
Fruin, Margaret State : CT County : New Haven Co. Location : Waterbury Year : 1860 Page # : 114
Fruin, Mary State : NY County : Kings Co. Location : 10 W.Brooklyn 3 Di Year : 1860 Page # : 571
Fruin, Richard State : LA County : Orleans Par. Location : New Orleans 2nd Ward Year : 1860 Page # : 338
Fruin, Robert State : NY County : Kings Co. Location : 10 W.Brooklyn 3 Di Year : 1860 Page # : 572
Fruin, William J. State : NY County : Lewis Co. Location : Greig Year : 1860 Page # : 400
Fruin/Illinois Link: Mary Fruin is the daughter of John Fruin and Catherine Baker.

The Pantagraph, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1999.  Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois.

"Lloyd A. Dodd, 84, of Seattle, formerly of Bloomington, died Jan. 22, 1999 at his residence.  His funeral Mass was Jan. 27th at St. Philomena church, Des Moines, Washington.  Private burial was in Sunset Hills Cemetery, Bellevue, WA.  Yarington's Funeral Home, Seattle, was in charge of arrangements.
Mr. Dodd was born Sept. 27, 1914, in Seattle, a son of Charles H. and Louise Smith Dodd.  He married Mary Lois Fruin on Nov. 22, 1941 in Illinois.  She survives.
Other survivors include one daughter, Maureen (Kelly) Martin, Seattle; four sons, Terence (Suzanne) Dodd, Richard (Polly) Dodd, Stephen Dodd and Michael (Deborah) Dodd, all of Seattle, and seven grandchildren.  Two brothers, Harry and Louis preceded him in death."


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