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Illinois State Marriage Index

Groom Bride County Date License No.
Kiely, Dennis Hahn, Katie Cook 05/23/1883  00071770
Kiely, Dennis J. Marsh, Gertrude Adams 05/25/1887   00004963
Kiely, Edward Gambon, Maggie Cook 08/12/1890 00156092
Kiely, James Connors, Margaret St. Clair 06/07/1883 00002932
Kiely, James Hafey, Margaret Adams 07/17/1895  9583
Kiely, John McNierney, Marg Christian 08/29/1894 8406
Kiely, John Brennan, Mary Cook 07/14/1884 83403
Kiely, John E. Girard, Mary Sangamon 4/12/1888  
Kiely, John M. Williams, Maud Cook 2/25/1892 180076
Kiely, Michael McGrath, Margaret Cook 11/15/1873 13046
Kiely, Michael Sheldon, Mary Knox 12/06/1864 6068
Kiely, Patrick McClain, Mollie Cook 2/21/1894 214557
Kiely, Patrick O'Rourke, Mary Cook 11/28/1877 33551
Kiely, Richard Dolan, Katie Jersey 5/01/1880  
Kiely, Richard Shortal, Mary J. Jersey 8/14/1894 2188
Kiely, Roger Noonan, Anna Cook 8/01/1889 142126
Kiely, Roger R. Shealy, Emma Cook 5/03/1882 61446
Kiely, Patrick Grogan, Bridget Boone 1/05/1861 391
Downes, David Kiely, Annie Cook 5/27/1887 114732
Gubbin, Edward Kiely, Catherine Kane 7/14/1851 1514
Sullivan, Jeremiah R. Kiely, Ellen M. Sangamon 3/13/1884  
Kelly, L. J.  Kiely, Julia LaSalle 5/11/1894 8362
Phelan, John Kiely, Kate Will 1/24/1881 8355
Kingston, Samuel Kiely, Katie M. Cook 1/16/1887 110719
Boyl, James Kiely, Mary Macoupin 6/14/1893 4551
Quealy, Luke Kiely, Mary Cook 9/25/1883 75190
Matthews, Homer Kiely, Myrtle Cook 4/22/1889 138444
Reidy, Thomas A. Kiely, Theresa Cook 5/11/1887 113776

Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales Database

Kiely, Daniel, Christian County, Section 2, Township 12N, 40 acres, purchased Feb 10, 1858, Vol 796, page 167.  Note:  This could be the same Daniel Kiley who arrived aboard the Argyle in June 1848 with members of the Henebry family.                                                                       

Illinois Civil War Veterans 

Kiely, James, Private, Bd of Trade, Chicago


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