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Grundy County, Illinois

Politicial and Misc. Info Obtained from the

1917 Farmers Directory for Grundy & Kendall Counties



Governor, Frank O. LOWDEN

Lieutenant Governor, John G. OGLESBY

Secretary of State, Louis L. EMMERSON

Attorney General, Edward J. BRUNDAGE

Treasurer, Len SMALL

Secretary of Labor, William B. WILSON

Auditor of Public Accounts, Andrew RUSSEL


Illinois Senators, Lawrence Y. SHERMAN and James Hamilton LEWIS

Congressmen-at-Large, William E. MASON, Medill McCORMICK

Congressman, 12th Dist. (Counties of LaSalle, Kendall, Grundy, De Kalb, Boone and Winnebago), Chas. E. FULLER, Belvidere


(Counties of Kane and Kendall)

Senate, Harold C. KESSINGER, Aurora

House, R. A. MILROY, Batavia; Wm. J. MYERS, Aurora; De Goy B. ELLIS, Elgin



County Clerk, A. H. GLEGHORN

County Treasurer, J. L. BONAR


County Judge, George BEDFORD

Circuit Clerk, F. S. JOHNSON

State's Attorney, F. H. HAYES

Supt. of Schools, C. H. ROOT

Coroner, Dr. W. G. SACHSE

Surveyor, John ROSENDAHL

County Agent, Anton VERONDA

County Mine Examiner, Alex THOM

Co. Supt. Highways, F. W. STINE

Co. Farm Advisor,



Township, Name, Postoffice

Highland, P. J. WALSH, Kinsman

Vienna, Dennis WELSH, Kinsman

Norman, Thomas DOWNEY, Seneca

Erienna, S. D. HOLDERMAN, Morris

Nettle Creek, Edgar S. HOGE, Morris

Nettle Creek, C. Band ROGERS, Morris

Goodfarm, Wm. M. BURKHART, Dwight

Mazon, I.N. MISENER, Mazon

Wauponsee, Chas. ELYEA, Morris

Morris, D. A. MATHEWS, Morris

Morris, James MACK, Morris

Saratoga, E.G. CRYDER, Morris

Garfield, J.R. SUFFERN, Gardner

Greenfield, C. VALIENTE, S. Wilmington

Maine, M. Z. BUTTON, Mazon

Braceville, John RED, Coal City

Braceville, Thos. REED, Braceville

Felix, Wm. LEWINS, Coal City

Goose Lake, C. E. ANDERSON, Morris

Aux Sable, J. J. HENNEBERRY, Minooka



Edgar S. HOGE, Chairman, Morris

Judiciary - D. A. MATHEWS, Chairman; Thomas REED, William BURKHART

Finance - S. D. HOLDERMAN, Chairman; Thomas DOWNEY, P. J. WALSH, J. R. SUFFERN, Charles ELYEA

Promiscuous Claims - E. G. CRYDER, Chairman; J. J. HENNEBERRY, Dennis WELSH, Charles VALIENTE, Thomas REED, I. N. MISENER, M. Z. BUTTON. S. D. HOLDERMAN, Thomas DOWNEY

Pauper Claims - Willlam LEWINS, Chairman; James MACK, John RED, Charles ELYEA, C. E. ANDERSON

Road and Bridge - J. J. HENNEBERRY, Chairman; Thomas DOWNEY. E. G. CRYDER

State Aid Road - Thomas DOWNEY, Chairman; E. G. CRYDER, S. D. HOLDERMAN

Erroneous Assessments - Charles ANDERSON, Chairman; Thomas REED, M. Z. BUTTON

Printing - I. N. MISENER, Chairman; John RED, J. R. SUFFERN

Judges of Election - M. Z. BUTTON, Chairman; Dennis WELSH, Charles VALIENTE

Auditing Election Expenses - P. J. WALSH, Chairman; J. R. SUFFERN, John RED

Rules of Order - Thomas REED, Chairman; William LEWINS, S. D. HOLDERMAN

County Farm - Charles ELYEA, Chairman; James MACK, William LEWINS

Mines and Mining - John RED, Chairman; Charles VALIENTE, William M BURKHART

Court House and Jail - James MACK, Chairman; William BURKHART, J. J. HENNEBERRY

Approving Bonds - J. R. SUFFERN, Chairman; William M. BURKHART, D. A. MATHEWS

Fixing Salaries County Officers - Dennis WELSH, Chairman; I. N. MISENER, P. J. WALSH

Selecting Jurors - WiIIiam M. BURKHART, Chairman; D. A. MATHEWS, C. G. ANDERSON



Township, Name, Postoffice, Term Expires

Big Grove, Ira WEST, Newark, 1918

Bristol, H. P. BARNES, Bristol, 1919

Fox, J. S. BUDD, Millbrook, 1918

Kendall, George OHSE, Yorkville, 1919

Lisbon, I. V. CRYDER, Minooka, 1919

Little Rock, J. M. WHITFIELD, Plano, 1918

Na-au-say, John MURLEY, Oswego, 1919

Oswego, M. L. WORMLEY, Yorkville, 1919

Seward, Ellis H. JONES, Minooka, 1918



Jacob S. BUDD, Chairman

Edward BUDD, Clerk



Finance - I. V. CRYDER, John MURLEY, H. P. BARNES, E. H. JONES, and the Chairman

Circuit Clerk - Ellis H. JONES, M. L. WORMLEY, Ira WEST

County Clerk - Ira WEST, I. V. CRYDER, John MURLEY

County Treasurer - John MURLEY, Ellis H. JONES, Ira WEST

Superintendent of Schools - J. M. WHITFIELD, Ira WEST, George OHSE

State Aid Road and Road and Bridge - H. P. BARNES, John MURLEY, M. L. WORMLEY, and the Chairman


Courthouse - M. L. WORMLEY, H. P. BARNES, George OHSE

Sheriff - George OHSE, J. M. WHITFIELD, I. V. CRYDER



County Judge, Clarence S. WILLIAMS

Circuit Clerk and Recorder, Avery N. BEEBE

County Clerk, Edward BUDD

County Treasurer, John E. HENDERSON

State's Attorney, Oliver A. BURKHART

Sheriff, Samuel NORMANDIN

Superintendent of Schools, George ELLIOTT

Coroner, Arthur E. LORD

Surveyor, I. L. SMITH

Master in Chancery, C. A. DARNELL

Public Administrator, [blank]

Public Guardian, [blank]

Superintendent of Highways, J.D. RUSSELL

Probation Officer, Ella D. HILL



Deputy County Clerk, Eliza DELANCY

Deputy Circuit Clerk and Recorder, Frances E. LANE

Deputy Sheriff, Martin HEXTELL

Deputy Sheriff, A. A. ZELLAR



Jacob S. BUDD, Chairman, Millbrook

H. P. BARNES, Republican member, Bristol

B. A. COTTON, Democrat member, Yorkville



T. S. HUNTLEY, Elgin



Judges of the 16th Judicial District

Hon. Duane J. CARNES, Sycamore

Hon. C. F. IRWIN, Elgin

Hon. Mazzini SLUSSER, Wheaton

Counties in District

DeKalb, DuPage, Kane and Kendall

Terms of Court in Kendall County

First Monday in March and fourth Monday in October

Avery N. BEEBE, Clerk, Yorkville



Clarence S. WILLIAMS, Yorkville, Judge

Edward BUDD, Yorkville, Clerk

Terms of County Court

Second Monday of March, September and December

Terms of Probate Court

First Monday of Each Month




Elected in 1916 for Two Years

Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Harry PAIGE, Newark

Bristol, S. R. DAVIS, Bristol

Fox, A. J. WHITFIELD, Millbrook

Kendall, J. ARMBRUSTER, Yorkville

Lisbon, Wm. E. MORRISON, Lisbon

Little Rock, Wm. BEST, Plano

Na-au-say, Alvin CHRISTIAN, Minooka

Oswego, L. R. INMAN, Oswego

Seward, R. J. CHURCHILL, Minooka


ASSESSORS - 1917, 1918

Elected in 1916 for two years. Shall enter upon their duties the first day of January next following their election:


Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, A. M. THOMPSON, Newark

Bristol, Harry C. ECCLES, Bristol

Fox, E. B. SLEEZER, Millbrook

Kendall, H. F. DHUSE, Yorkville

Lisbon, Nels JAGER, Yorkville

Little Rock, Ellen THOMAS, Plano

Na-au-say, Frank AUSTIN, Oswego

Oswego, Charles ROBERTS, Oswego

Seward, G. W. VANZANDT, Minooka




Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Harry PAIGE, Newark

Little Rock, EIlen M. SIMPKINS, Plano

Bristol, H. BRETTHAUER, Yorkville

Na-au-say, Frank M. SEELY, Yorkville

Fox, R. W. SCOGGIN, Millington

Oswego, L. F. BURKHART, Oswego

Kendall, Rae HARRIS, Yorkville

Seward, Arthur BURGESS, Minooka

Lisbon, Chas. E. FLETCHER, Newark



Township, Name, Postoffice, Term Expires

Big Grove, H. H. WICKS, Newark, 1918

Big Grove, Roy HOGE, Newark, 1919

Big Grove, Tom JOHNSON, Newark, 1920

Bristol, George B. RAYMOND, Bristol, 1918

Bristol, Charles LINDHOLM, Plano, 1919

Bristol, John F. WINDETT, Bristol, 1920

Fox, J. Sherman BUDD, Yorkville, 1918

Fox, Richard JOHNSON, Millington, 1919

Fox, Ole TENDALL, Newark R. D. 2, 1920

Kendall, F. H. HAGE, Yorkville, 1918

Kendall, George MOENKEMIER, Yorkville, 1919

Kendall, Thos. J PENMAN, Yorkville, 1920

Lisbon, Frank L. CARR, Minooka, 1918

Lisbon, William BARRON, Newark, 1919

Lisbon, A. O. ANDERSON, Newark, 1920

Little Rock, W. J. GRISWOLD, Millington, 1918

Little Rock, C. E. LASURE, Plano, 1919

Little Rock, Wm. ERICKSON, Plano, 1920

Na-au-say, Andrew CORNIELS, Yorkville, 1918

Na-au-say, Alvin KELLOGG, Yorkville, 1919

Na-au-say, H. B. CRYDER, Minooka, 1920

Oswego, James CAMPBELL, Oswego, 1918

Oswego, Fred BOWER, Oswego, 1919

Oswego, Chas. W. SORG, Oswego, 1920

Seward, Geo. S. BAKER, Minooka, 1918

Seward, Joseph KNUDSON, Minooka, 1919

Seward, John FINDLAY, Minooka, 1920



Term Expires 1921

Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Ole J. NESS, Lisbon

Big Grove, Dennis TORKELSON, Newark

Bristol, S.C. SLEEZER, Yorkville

Fox, Geo. L. HAY, Yorkville

Fox, C. E. SLEEZER, Millington, Oswego

Kendall, Charles L. GATES, Yorkville

Kendall, W. F. THOMPSON, Yorkville

Lisbon, E. C. THOMPSON, Morris

Lisbon, D. L. SHUFELT, Minooka

Little Rock, W. K. JONES, Plano

Little Rock, Charles A. STEWART, Plano

Na-au-say, S.C. GOODALE, Yorkville

Oswego, [blank]

Oswego, [blank]

Seward, [blank]



Name, Postoffice, Term Expires

J. E. TURPIN, Plano, 1921

B. A. COTTON, Yorkville, 1921

H. S. BROWN, Newark, 1921



Term Expires 1921

Town, Name, Postoffice

Big Grove, Nels K. NELSON, Newark

Little Rock, A. A. ZELLAR, Plano

Kendall, C. G. HARDEKOPF, Yorkville

Little Rock, George WRIGHT, Plano

Kendall, E. F. HAHNENSTEIN, Yorkville

Lisbon, Peter NICHOLS, Morris

Thanks to:

Deb Haines,
Grundy County Coordinator

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