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Foley Family

(O)Foley, (MacSharry)

    Foley is an old Irish surname about which some confusion has arisen because there is an important family of Worcestershire called Foley, which is usually regarded as English, though Bardsley thinks it was originally Irish. for example it is the arms of this English family which are often erroneously ascribed to Gaelic Foleys. In this article these English Foleys can be disregarded, though it is not unlikely that a few of them came to Ireland at various times as settlers. The Irish Foleys are very numerous and this name is among the sixty most common in Ireland with an estimated population of about ten thousand souls. Most of these are found in the original habitat of the sept, viz. Co. Waterford, and they have spread across the southern part of the country to Counties Cork and Kerry. The name is presumably derived from the Irish word foghladha meaning a plunderer, and is written O foghladha, being anglicized more phonetically than the usual Foley as Fowloo in some places in Co. Waterford, and sometimes grotesquely as Fowler. The name is never seen with its prefix O nowadays. The surname MacSharry has been anglicized Foley in some parts of Ulster in the mistake belief that it is derived from the word searrach - a fool. John Henry Foley (1818-1874), sculptor, many of whose statues adorn the streets and squares of Dublin, attained international fame in this sphere; his brother Edward Foley (1814-1874) was also a talented sculptor. Rev. Daniel Foley (1815-1874), of Dublin University, compiled and published an Irish Dictionary . Samuel Foley (1655-1695) was another prominent Protestant ecclesiastic. The Catholic church has an eminent bearer of the name in Maoliosa O'Foley, Archbishop of Cashel, who died in 1131. In modern times Alan James Foley (1835-1897) made a name as a singer under the pseudonym of Signor Foli.  Source:  Edward MacLysaght, Irish Families, Dublin, 1991, page 89.

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Margaret Henneberry Foley (1823-1905)

Margaret Henebry born August 4, 1823.  She was baptized in Galbally, County Limerick, Ireland on November 7, 1823 at the Church of Christ the King. The sponsors (Godparents) were James (brother of David) and Elizabeth Henebry.  She married  John Henry Foley on Jan. 20, 1845 probably in Galbally.  They came to America aboard the Effingham (from Cork) on May 30, 1849 with two children, William and James.   Margaret is the daughter of  David and Jane Henebry.  It would appear they settled in Grundy or Will County Illinois close to other members of the Henneberry Family who arrived in 1848. 

Arrived in New York on May 30, 1849.  Ship Effingham, Port of Embarkation: Cork.
  Manifest ID No. 3702.  Mode of Travel:  Unknown.
John Foley age 30, Margaret Foley age 30, William age 3, James age 2.

Foley, Wm.        Age : 3

        Country of Origin : Ireland

        Date of Arrival : May 30, 1849

        Final Destination : USA

        Gender : Male

        Occupation : Uncle

        Port of Debarkation : New York

        Ship's Name : Effingham

        Manifest ID Number : 3702

        Port of Embarkation : Cork

        Purpose for Travel : Unknown

        Mode of Travel : Unknown

John Henry Foley, Sr.: born June 6, 1818 in County Limerick, Ireland, died June 22, 1898 in Dalton City, Illinois.  Parents:  William Foley and Ellen English Foley.

Children of William and Ellen English Foley

William: b. 1814, married, came to U.S., died in Lamont, IL
James: b. 1816, stayed in Ireland
John Henry: married Margaret Henebry
Edward: b. 1820, came to U.S., lived in Memphis, TN, Civil War Veteran
Mary: b. 1822, married a Burk, lived in Minnesota
Katherine: b. 1824, married a Harney, lived in Henry, IL
Anne: b. 1826, married Charles Connell, lived in Iowa.
Ellen: b. 1828, married a Landers, stayed in Ireland

Along with her brothers, James, Patrick and Francis Henneberry,  Margaret and John and their family moved to Moultrie County, Illinois in 1875.   

In the 1880 Moultrie County census, Margaret, age 56, and her husband John (William in the census data), were living on a farm next to her brother James in Dora Township with their children: William age 38, James age 28, John age 18, Jane age 23, Margaret age 20, Frank age 16, Ellen age 14, and Elizabeth age 12. There were three other Foley families and two Jeffries families living in Dora township in 1880.

83 Foley William (John) 62 Ire (Lim) Ire (Lim) Ire (Lim)
    Margaret 56 Ire Ire Ire
    William 38 IL (Ire) Ire Ire
    James 28 IL (Ire) Ire Ire
    John 18 IL Ire Ire
    Jane 23 IL Ire Ire
    Margaret 20 IL Ire Ire
    Frank 16 IL Ire Ire
    Ellen 14 IL Ire Ire
    Elizabeth 12 IL Ire Ire

1900 Moultrie County Census, Dora Township

  1900 Moultrie   Mo. Born Yr. Born Age Born Father Born Mother Born
128 Foley David Jun  1855 44 IL Ire Ire
    Mary May 1857 43 IL Ire Ire
    John Jun 1882 17 IL IL IL
    Edward Jul 1890 9 IL IL IL
129 Foley John  H. Jun 1855 44 IL Ire Ire
    Catherine May 1864 36 IL Ire Germany
    John Jun 1891 8 IL IL IL
    Herald Dec 1864 5 IL IL IL
    Merea Mar 1897 3 IL IL IL
154 Foley James Apr 1847 53 Ire Ire Ire
    Lizzie Sep 1891? 8 ? IL IL IL


Children of John Henry Foley, Sr. and Margaret Henneberry

bulletWilliam Foley:  served in the Civil War in the 90th Infantry, Company I, died in Peoria in 1910.  Never married.
bulletMargaret (Maggie) married Thomas O'Brien in Will County on Oct. 17, 1881, Lic # 8734.  Thomas was a younger brother of John O'Brien.  They moved to Dalton City.  Margaret died in 1939 and buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington, IL.  No children.  (Note:  John Henebry the brother of Margaret married into the O'Brien family in Wilmington, IL.)
bullet Jane E. Foley married William H. Donnelly on Jan 11, 1887. William was 37 and Jane was 27.  William was a bridge builder.  Jane died in 1930 and buried in Altamont, IL.  They had one child, Margaret who died in 1938.
bulletJames Foley married Elizabeth O'Rourke about 1870 in Illinois.  Elizabeth died in 1891 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Decatur, IL.  James married Mary Ann Hogan (1857-1917).  James died in 1929.  James and Elizabeth had one child, Elizabeth Foley who married Thomas O'Brien.
bulletDavid Edward Foley: b. June 5, 1851 in Wilmington, IL, moved to Moultrie County with his family.  Married Mary Agnes Ryan in 1880.  Mary Agnes (June 27, 1854-June 2, 1932).  Both are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery.  Two children:  John Francis (June 24, 1885-June 15, 1940) John married Dorothy Kitch; Edward James (1890-1961) married Mabel Chambers.
bullet Mary H. Foley married Charles Mallon in Decatur IL on July 18, 1877. Charles was 24 and Mary was 20.  Charles died in 1930 and Mary died in 1938.  They had five children; John, Frank, Margaret, Marie and ??
bulletJohn Henry Foley, Jr.  was born on Dec. 28, 1860 in Grundy County and died on April 1, 1937 in Macon Co. IL.  He married Catherine Permelia Hickey.  Catherine was born on May 22, 1863 in Moweaqua, IL and died on Aug. 11, 1917 in Moultrie County.   Catherine's parents were John Hickey (1814-1890) born in County Tipperary Ireland, and Catherine Bailey (1822-1882) born in Saks Weimer Germany.  John and Catherine Foley are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery, Bethany, IL.  Four children; John Thomas (m. Agnes Pearl Hogan), Harold Francis (m. Ruth Delahunty), Marie Catherine (m. Russell E. Cole), James Leo b. 1907 d. 1947.
bulletFrank Foley born Aug. 15, 1862 in Wilmington, IL, married Mary Jane Jeffries.  Frank died July 27, 1947 and Mary died Nov. 13, 1953.  They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Kansas City, MO.  They had nine children.
bulletEllen (Nellie) Foley married Phillip Jacob Vollmer on Dec. 28, 1892 in Dalton City, Illinois.  Ellen died June 12, 1955 in Lake City, IL and Philip died 1941 in Lake City, IL.  They are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery.  They had six children.  Anthony Irwin Vollmer married Katherine E. McGowan the daughter of Thomas McGowan & Elizabeth Dunn.
bullet Elizabeth Foley married to John H. Wehmhoff on Feb. 5, 1889 in Dalton City, Illinois. John was 28 and Elizabeth was 20.  John died in 1941 and Elizabeth died in 1962.  They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Decatur.  They had six children: Margaret (April 13, 1893-Oct. 23, 1893); Lloyd (May 5, 1896-Dec 11, 1896); Merrill F. (1892-1962) no children; Nina (1894-1982) married Perry Bobbitt, no children; Charlotte (Lottie) married Otto Tohill, one child; George Harry (1903-1976)  married Josephine Hines, four children.
bulletTwo other children died in infancy.  William and James were born in Galbally, Ireland.  Most of the other children were born in Wilmington, IL. 

At the time of John and Margaret's death they were living with their daughter, Lizzie, in Dalton City, IL. 
John was born June 6, 1818 in Galbally, Ireland and died June 22, 1898.  Margaret died November 24, 1905.

Members of the Foley Family   who donated stained glass windows to Sacred Heart Church in  Dalton City, IL.

      This was published in the Bethany Echo newspaper on Friday, 1 Dec 1905.     Bethany, IL

"Margaret Henneberry Foley was born Aug. 4, 1823 in Galbaly Limerick County, Ireland. She departed this life on Nov. 24, 1905. She was married to John Foley Jan. 20, 1845. They came to the United States in 1848, locating in Will County, Illinois, afterwards moving to Moultrie County in 1875, then in 1890 to Dalton City living with their daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Wehmhoff until their death.

To this union were born 12 children, 10 of whom survive their parents. Will, James, David, and John Foley, Nellie Volmer and Lizzie Wehmhoff from this vicinity, Mrs. James Donnelly of Edgewood, Mary Mallon of Chicago, Margaret O'Brian of Willmington and Frank Foley of Crowley, Louisiana.

Her husband preceded her to the grave in 1898. The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Sacred Heart Church. The services being in charge of Father Finnegan. They left on the 2 o'clock train for Decatur. The interment took place in the Cavalry Catholic Cemetery in Decatur. The floral offerings were great.

The funeral was one of the largest that ever left town there being 115 tickets sold to Decatur."

Obituary of John Henry Foley:

Old Resident of Dalton  City Passes Away

John Foley was born in the parish of Galbally, County Limerick, Ireland June 4, 1818 and departed this life at his home in Dalton  City, Ill, June 22, 1898, aged 80 years and 18 days.  He was married to Margaret Henneberry January 20, 1845.  Twelve children was the result of the happy union, ten of whom are living.  They are William, James, David, John and Frank and Mrs. Jennie Donnelly, Mrs. Mary Mallon, Mrs. Margaret OBrien, Mrs. Nellie Vollmer and Mrs. Lizzie Wehmhoff, all of whom were at his funeral.

Mr. Foley moved to America in 1849 and settled in Grundy county, Illinois.  Eight years later he moved to Will county where he remained engaged in farming until 1875 when he moved to Moultrie county where he again engaged in the same pursuit accompanied by an industrious family most of whom are still living in this locality and who by their industry under his judicious management have provided good homes for their families.  He retired from the farm in 1890 and purchased a fine home in Dalton  City where he enjoyed the remainder of his life with his wife and youngest daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Wehmoff.

He was a faithful affectionate husband and father, a good citizen and neighbor and a faithful Christian.  The last years of his life were devoted wholly to his church and God.  He lived an honest upright and religious life, and had the confidence of all who knew him.  He had the blessing of dying as he lived, in peace; receiving the last rights of his church and passing from this to the eternal life in a peaceful sleep with the expression of contentment and happiness on his countenance and kind words from his lips, with his loving wife and children at his bedside to administer to his wants.

The funeral services were held in the church of the Sacred Heart in Dalton  City, conducted by Rev. Father ORourke where a large number of friends congregated to pay their last respects.  The remains were taken to Decatur and laid to rest in Calvary cemetery.


(Note: Thanks to Helen and Emile Foley for the photo and information.)

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