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John Henneberry  February 7, 1843 - May 7, 1905

    Arrived aboard the Argyle on June 17, 1848  with his parents David and Jane.  John married Katherine O'Brien in Will County, IL on Dec 4, 1869, license # 3878.  She was born in June 1851 near Boston, Mass. in East Weymouth, Suffolk County, and died July 4, 1917 in Minooka, IL.  Katherine's parents were John O'Brien and Margaret Dougherty.  

1870 census data:  Reel 292 Wilmington Township, Will County, IL page 9 line 26:
    John Henneberry age 28 ( son of David  & Jane) wife Catherine O'Brien age 25; David age 15; Bridget age 65 (Note:  Bridget could be the mother of John, Jane Cussen Henneberry).  The David listed as age 15 is not a child of John and Catherine.  

1880 census in Wilmington Township in Will County.  In the 1880 census, John and Katherine had five children:  David-age 9, Jane-age 8, Margaret-age 6, May-age 3 and John-4 months.  Other records indicate they had ten children - four boys and six girls.  John was first  buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington, IL.   When his wife died, he was re-buried next to Katherine in St. Mary's Cemetery in Minooka, IL.

1900 census Wilmington Township, Will County:  ED 151, Line 35.  Catherine Henneberry.

Name Birth Mo. Birth Yr. Age Born
John Feb 1844 56 Ireland
Catherine June 1851 48 Mass.
David May 1871 29 IL
Jenny March 1875 25 IL
Mollie May 1877 23 IL
John Feb 1880 20 IL
Frank March 1882 18 IL
Kitty Sep 1885 14 IL
Lizzie April 1888 12 IL
Thomas May  1889 11 IL
Hollie Jan 1892 8 IL


Also buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Minooka, Grundy County:

John Henneberry: 1843-1905, lot 42
Catherine Henneberry:  1851-1919,  lot 42
John J. Henneberry:  Feb 2, 1880 - June 11, 1968, lot 42
Kathryn V. Henneberry: Sept. 2, 1885 - March 23, 1970, lot 42

David A. Henneberry:  d. May 29, 1954, lot 33
Joseph D. Hennebery's son:  died may 23, 1967, lot 33
Margaret Henneberry:  died May 31, 1945, lot 33

    Article in the Morris Daily Herald of July 9, 1917:  Funeral services for the late Mrs. John Henneberry (Katherine) who died at her home in Minooka on July 4, were held at the St. Mary's church here on Saturday, July 7, at 10 o'clock.  Rev. Joseph McMahon had charge of these services and was assisted by Rev. Father O'Brien of Joliet and Rev. Magner, formerly of Wilmington, and a close friend of the Henneberry family.  ...Relatives and friends in large numbers attended the funeral coming from Dalton City, Chicago, Joliet, Morris, Wilmington, Plainfield and the surrounding neighborhood.  Mrs. Henneberry and family formerly lived at Lorenzo but moved to Minooka about ten years ago.  ...
    Another article listed the children:  Frank of Joliet, David, John and Thomas of Minooka.  Jennie-Mrs. M. Kavarraugh;  Mary-Mrs. Andrew Feeney;   Margaret-Mrs. Edward Feeney; Elizabeth-Mrs. John Nugent; Harriett-Mrs. Thomas White; and Miss Kathryn Hennebry who lives at home.

Children of John and Katherine

    1.  David A. Henebry.   born may 12, 1873 in Lorenzo, Will County, IL, died May 27, 1954.  married Margaret Brannick April 4, 1904 in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Minooka, Grundy County, IL. Witnesses were Francis Henneberry and Mary Brannick.   Margaret died May 31, 1945.  Article in the Historical Encyclopedia -Illinois and History of Grundy County, Newton Bateman and Paul Selby, Chicago, Munsen Publishing, 1914.  After completing basic education in Grundy County, David attended Bryant and Strattons Commercial College in Chicago.  At the age of eighteen, he was teaching school in Grundy County and working on farms in the summer.   Moved to Chicago to learn the grocery business and returned to Grundy County and purchased a grain elevator business.  In partnership, he organized the Farmers First National of Minooka on August 1, 1909.  The bank was capitalized with $25,000 and bought out the Exchange Bank of Minooka on November 1, 1912. 
David was a member of the Minooka Volunteer Fire Department in 1907.

1920 Census Will County, Joliet, Western Ave., ED 167:
David Henneberry age 46; Margaret age 43; Eileen age 15; Patricia age 10; John age 9; Joseph age 7.  All born in Illinois. 
(Note:  David's uncle, Thomas Henneberry was also living on Western Ave.)

Children of David A. Henebry & Margaret Brannick

Mary Eileen | Catherine Patricia (b. Mar 15, 1909) |
 John Sterling (b. Nov 1910) | Joseph Donald (b. Mar 25, 1913-died May 23, 1967 in San Diego County, California)

    2.  Jennie born March 1875 in Lorenzo, Will County, IL married John Michael Kavanaugh on Dec. 14, 1892 in Will County.

    3.  Mary (Mollie) born May 1877 in Lorenzo married Andrew Feeney on Oct 30, 1900 in Will County, License # 19491.
From the Prairie Farmer's Directory of Grundy County 1917:  Andrew and Mary were living in Minooka R3 section 24 and had phone service with Bell Telephone.  Children living with them were:  Robert, Marie, Lucille, John, Harriett and Loretta.

Children of Mary Henebry & Andrew Feeney

Harriet Loretta (b. Dec 27, 1907) | Robert Harold (b. Feb 21, 1902) | Thomas Andrew (b. Apr 8, 1919) | Marie (Catherine Mary b. Sep 22, 1903)  | Lucille | 
John Bernard (b. Dec 11, 1906) | Agnes Loretta  (Jun 5, 1913-Mar 9, 1988)

    4.  Margaret married Edward Feeney.

Children of Margaret Henebry & Edward Feeney

John Robert (b. Jan 29, 1906) | Catherine Angela (b. Sep 23, 1907) | 
Edward Francis (b. Sep 4, 1908) | Elizabeth Bernice (b. June 20, 1912)

    5.  John born Feb 2, 1882 in Lorenzo, married Marjorie Comerford.  Dau.  Jane.  d. June 11, 1968

    6.  Frank M.  born Feb 22, 1884 in Lorenzo married Mabel Keigher.

1920 Will Co. Joliet, ED 170, Line 14
Frank M. Hennebery age 35; Mary age 30; Ruth age 7; Reta age 7.  All born in IL.

    7.  Kathryn (Kitty) born Sept. 2, 1885 in Lorenzo.  d. March 23, 1970.

1920 Grundy Co. Minooka Village, ED 49, Line 62:  Catherine Henneberry age 33.

    8.  Elizabeth (Lizzie) born April 25, 1888 in Lorenzo married John Nugent.

    9.  Thomas born May 29, 1888 in Lorenzo. m.  Marie Cecelia Shier.

Children of Thomas Henebry and Marie Shier Henebry

John J. (b. Apr 28, 1917) | Robert | Thomas | Mary (b. Apr 30, 1918) | Lois

    10.  Harriett (Hollie) born Jan. 1892 in Lorenzo, married Thomas White.

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O'Brien Family

    In these brief accounts of Irish septs and families in which only a page or two is devoted to each subject, it is impossible to do justice to the greatest of them, such as the O'Briens, the O'Connors and the O'Neills, about whom whole volumes have been written and more has yet to be added. From the tenth century, when the sept rose to the High Kingship of Ireland in the person of Brian Boru, down to the present day, the O'Briens have always been prominent in the history of the country. 
    Before Brian Boru's time, the Dalcassian clan, known as the Ui Toirdealbhaigh, to which they belonged, was not of outstanding importance in Thomond: the greatness of Brian gave them pre-eminence there and in due course the sept, which took the surname O'Brien from him, divided into several branches and possessed a great part of Munster, of which they were frequently kings. The O'Briens of Ara (north Tipperary), a territory they acquired from the O'Donegans about the year 1300 had as chief Mac Ui Bhriain Ara; those of Co. Limerick gave their name to the barony of Pubbelebrien; another branch was located around Aherlow by the Galtees; and another south of the Comeragh Mountains on the rich lands near Dungarvan. In all those areas, and especially in Co. Clare they are numerous to-day: the name, in fact, is so common that it comes sixth in the statistical list relating to Irish surnames, with an estimated population of more than thirty thousand persons. In this connexion it may be observed, that though fifty years ago one third of the people of the name was registered as plain Brien, nowadays it is rarely to be found without the prefix O. The outstanding figure is, of course, Brian Boru (941 - 1014), whose remarkable career as High King of Ireland ended with his death on the field of the battle of Clontarf when the Norsemen were finally subdued. Brian, in fact used no surname; it was, however, in regular use forty years after his death. According to Eleanor Hull's History of Ireland the first O'Brien to adopt the surname was Donagh Cairbre (1194-1242), son of Donal, who submitted to Henry II., From 1055 to 1616. The last year recorded by the Four Masters, O'Briens figure in the annals of every generation, over 300 individuals of the name finding a place in that great work. In this respect they are outnumbered only by the O'Connors, and O'Neills and the O'Donnells. In the "Annals of Innisfallen", which deal principally with the southern half of Ireland, the O'Briens appear more often than any other sept, though in this the MacCarthys run them close. Murrough O'Brien (d. 1551) was the first Earl of Thomond; Murrough of the Burnings (d. 1674) was sixth Baron Inchiquin. 
    Coming to modern times, the difficulty is to select a few names from the many O'Briens who have been prominent in the political and cultural history of the country. The descendants of Brian Boru, in the main line, have been peers of the realm under three titles, Earls and Marquises of Thomond, Barons and Earls of Inchiquin and Viscounts Clare. The two former have more often than not been on the side of England, notably Murrough O'Brien, first Earl of Thomond (d. 1551), who was one of the great Gaelic chiefs to acknowledge Henry VIII, and the other notorious Murrough O'Brien, sixth Baron Inchiquin (1614-1674) whose exploits during the war of 1641-1650 earned him the sobriquet "Murrough of the Burnings". The Viscounts Clare, on the other hand, present a different picture; the first of these, Daniel O'Brien (1577-1663), was a member of the Supreme Council of the Catholic Confederates; it was the third Viscount, also Daniel O'Brien (d.1690), who raised the famous Irish Brigade regiment known as Clare's Dragoons, which was later commanded in many famous battles on the continent by the fifth Viscount, Charle's O'Brien, whose distinguished military career ended when he was killed at the battle of Ramillies in 1706, while his son, Charles O'Brien, sixth Viscount (1699-1771), upheld the family tradition at Dettingen and Fontenoy, and became a Marshal of France. Younger branches of these noble families produced William Smith O'Brien (1803-1864), who broke away from the "landlord" tradition of his relatives and became one of the best known of the Young Irelanders. His daughter, Charlotte Grace O'Brien (1845-1909), was a philanthropist, author and zealous Gaelic Leaguer, and his brother, Edward O'Brien (1808-1840), devoted his short life to similar causes.
     Other O'Briens whose names are honoured for their part in the struggle for the restoration of Irish independence are Most Rev. Terence Albert O'Brien (1600-1651). Dominican Bishop of Emly, who was hanged by Ireton after the Siege of Limerick; James Xavier O'Brien(1828-1905), the Fenian, and William O'Brien (1852-1928), who devised the "Plan of Campaign" and founded the United Irish League. Another William O'Brien (b. 1881), nationalist, labour leader and friend of James Connolly, was active in Irish affairs. Add to all these Fitzjames O'Brien (1828-1862), the Irish author who was killed fighting in the American Civil War; Jermiah O'Brien (1740-1818), with his brothers John and William, heros of naval exploits against the British in the American War of Independence; Most Rev. John O'Brien (d.1767) and Rev. Paul O'Brien (1763-1820) two noted Gaelic scholars; and there are still many names which may justly be considered worthy of a place in this brief account of a great and famous Irish sept.
    Source:  Irish Families, Edward MacLysaght, Dublin, 1991, pages 47-48.

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    John O'Brien was born in County Tipperary, Ireland c. 1819.  He married Margaret Dougherty and came to America in 1849.  John died Nov. 15, 1906 and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington, IL.  Margaret was born in County Tipperary c. 1821 and died Jan. 15, 1889.  They are buried in Mt. Olivet lot #53.

Lot 53:  owned by John O'Brien
John O'Brien:  1819-Nov. 15, 1906 age 87.
Margaret O'Brien:  born in County Tipperary, Ireland.  1821-Jan 15, 1889 age 63.    Margaret Dougherty (wife of John).
Jennie Cushing Henneberry:  died March 7, 1881 age 87.   Wife of David Henneberry.  Her son (John) married Katherine O'Brien (daughter of John & Margaret).


Arrived in New York on July 3, 1849 aboard the ship W. H. Harbeck

O'Brien, John        Age : 34
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Jul. 3, 1849
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male
Occupation : Tailor
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : W. H. Harbeck
Manifest ID Number : 3834
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Unknown
Mode of Travel : Unknown

O'Brien, Margaret        Age : 30
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Jul. 3, 1849
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Female
Occupation : Tailor
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : W. H. Harbeck
Manifest ID Number : 3834
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Unknown
Mode of Travel : Unknown

O'Brien, Daniel        Age : 1
Country of Origin : Ireland
Date of Arrival : Jul. 3, 1849
Final Destination : USA
Gender : Male
Occupation : Child
Port of Debarkation : New York
Ship's Name : W. H. Harbeck
Manifest ID Number : 3834
Port of Embarkation : Liverpool
Purpose for Travel : Unknown
Mode of Travel : Unknown

Children of John O'Brien & Margaret Dougherty O'Brien

Daniel O'Brien (1847-1915) m. Bridget Tobin
Katherine O'Brien (1854-1917) m. John Henneberry in Will County on Dec 4, 1869, Lic # 3878.
Thomas O'Brien (1856-1912) m. Margaret Foley (dau. of Margaret Henneberry Foley) in Will County on Oct. 17, 1881, Lic # 8734
Mary O'Brien (1857-1927) m. Stephen Phelan in Will County on April 15, 1891, Lic # 14063.
Michael O'Brien (1861-1918) m. Ellen Ardaugh on Feb 16, 1887 in Minooka.
John O'Brien (1864-1941) m. Mary Jane Hayes (dau. of Bessie Henneberry Hayes) in Will County on June 3, 1891, Lic # 14139.

Henneberry/Hayes/O'Brien Connections

The Henebry, Foley, Magner, Hayes, Fogarty and O'Brien families all resided in the Glen of Aherlow area in County Tipperary near the village of  Galbally, County Limerick, Ireland.  Most of their children were baptized in the Church of Christ the King in Galbally.  Many of these same family members who were neighbors in the Glen also became neighbors in Will, Grundy and Moultrie counties in Illinois.  Note the O'Briens of the Glen in the origin of the surname (reference above).  Click Here to visit the Glen of Aherlow.

1. William Henneberry married Mary Hayes in 1849.   Mary was born in 1829 in Ireland and was the sister or cousin of Dennis and Daniel Hayes.
Dennis Hayes married William's sister Elizabeth (Bessie) Henneberry
Daniel Hayes (brother of Dennis) was a witness for James Henebry citizenship in 1855.
Thomas O'Brien and Catherine Henneberry.  married on Sep 25, 1881 in Cook County.
Catherine was  the daughter of William Henneberry..

2. John Henneberry (brother of William, Bessie, Margaret & James)  married Katherine O'Brien.
Katherine's brother (Thomas) married Margaret Foley, daughter of Margaret Henneberry Foley who was the sister of John Henneberry. 

3.  John O'Brien (brother of Katherine and Thomas) married a daughter (Mary Jane Hayes) of Dennis & Bessie Henneberry Hayes.  Bessie was also a sister of John Henneberry.

James, Bessie (Hayes), John, William and Margaret (Foley) were all children of David and Jane Cussen Henneberry.  The surnames are also spelled Henebry and Cushing.  Jane Cussen Henneberry is buried in the John O'Brien cemetery lot #53 in Mt. Olivet.  

Thomas O'Brien and Margaret Foley O'Brien.  Thomas was a farmer.  Margaret (1857-1939) was the sixth child of John Henry Foley and Margaret Henneberry Foley.  Margaret was born in Wilmington, IL.  Thomas and Margaret moved to Dalton City, IL where Margaret's parents lived.  They are both buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Wilmington, IL.  They had no children.

John O'Brien and Mary Jane Hayes.  Mary Jane was the daughter of Dennis Hayes and Bessie Henneberry Hayes.  Bessie was the sister of Margaret Henneberry Foley (see above reference).

 Ten Children of John O'Brien & Mary Jane Hayes O'Brien

Margaret | John Raymond | Earl | Thomas | Elizabeth | Francis | Mary | Stella | Leo | Lawrence

 Thomas O'Brien and Catherine Henneberry.  married on Sep 25, 1881 in Cook County.
 Catherine was  the daughter of William Henneberry, another son of David & Jane Henneberry.
 St. Mary's Church, Minooka, IL.  
Baptism Date Name Birth Date Parents Sponsors
March 1, 1883 Mary Agnes Feb. 3, 1883 Thomas O'Brien
Catherine Henneberry
William O'Brien
Mary O'Brien
Sep. 21, 1884 William   Thomas O'Brien
Catherine Henneberry
John Walsh
Bridget Walsh


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