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  Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford

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12 Children & 70 Grandchildren of David and Jane Cussen Henebry

  • Margaret Henneberry Foley (1823-1905)

Children of John Henry Foley, Sr. and Margaret Henneberry

  • William Foley:  served in the Civil War in the 90th Infantry, Company I, died in Peoria in 1910.  Never married.
  • Margaret (Maggie) married Thomas O'Brien in Will County on Oct. 17, 1881, Lic # 8734.  Thomas was a younger brother of John O'Brien.  They moved to Dalton City.  Margaret died in 1939 and buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington, IL.  No children.  (Note:  John Henebry the brother of Margaret married into the O'Brien family in Wilmington, IL.)
  • Jane E. Foley married William H. Donnelly on Jan 11, 1887. William was 37 and Jane was 27.  William was a bridge builder.  Jane died in 1930 and buried in Altamont, IL.  They had one child, Margaret who died in 1938.
  • James Foley married Elizabeth O'Rourke about 1870 in Illinois.  Elizabeth died in 1891 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Decatur, IL.  James married Mary Ann Hogan (1857-1917).  James died in 1929.  James and Elizabeth had one child, Elizabeth Foley who married Thomas O'Brien.
  • David Edward Foley: b. June 5, 1851 in Wilmington, IL, moved to Moultrie County with his family.  Married Mary Agnes Ryan in 1880.  Mary Agnes (June 27, 1854-June 2, 1932).  Both are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery.  Two children:  John Francis (June 24, 1885-June 15, 1940) John married Dorothy Kitch; Edward James (1890-1961) married Mabel Chambers.
  • Mary H. Foley married Charles Mallon in Decatur IL on July 18, 1877. Charles was 24 and Mary was 20.  Charles died in 1930 and Mary died in 1938.  They had five children; John, Frank, Margaret, Marie and ??
  • John Henry Foley, Jr.  was born on Dec. 28, 1860 in Grundy County and died on April 1, 1937 in Macon Co. IL.  He married Catherine Permelia Hickey.  Catherine was born on May 22, 1863 in Moweaqua, IL and died on Aug. 11, 1917 in Moultrie County.   Catherine's parents were John Hickey (1814-1890) born in County Tipperary Ireland, and Catherine Bailey (1822-1882) born in Saks Weimer Germany.  John and Catherine Foley are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery, Bethany, IL.  Four children; John Thomas (m. Agnes Pearl Hogan), Harold Francis (m. Ruth Delahunty), Marie Catherine (m. Russell E. Cole), James Leo b. 1907 d. 1947.
  • Frank Foley born Aug. 15, 1862 in Wilmington, IL, married Mary Jane Jeffries.  Frank died July 27, 1947 and Mary died Nov. 13, 1953.  They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Kansas City, MO.  They had nine children.
  • Ellen (Nellie) Foley married Phillip Jacob Vollmer on Dec. 28, 1892 in Dalton City, Illinois.  Ellen died June 12, 1955 in Lake City, IL and Philip died 1941 in Lake City, IL.  They are buried in St. Isidore Cemetery.  They had six children.  Anthony Irwin Vollmer married Katherine E. McGowan the daughter of Thomas McGowan & Elizabeth Dunn.
  • Elizabeth Foley married to John H. Wehmhoff on Feb. 5, 1889 in Dalton City, Illinois. John was 28 and Elizabeth was 20.  John died in 1941 and Elizabeth died in 1962.  They are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Decatur.  They had six children: Margaret (April 13, 1893-Oct. 23, 1893); Lloyd (May 5, 1896-Dec 11, 1896); Merrill F. (1892-1962) no children; Nina (1894-1982) married Perry Bobbitt, no children; Charlotte (Lottie) married Otto Tohill, one child; George Harry (1903-1976)  married Josephine Hines, four children.
  • Two other children died in infancy.  William and James were born in Galbally, Ireland.  Most of the other children were born in Wilmington, IL. 


  • William Henneberry (c. 1825 Galbally, Ireland) d. Sept. 16, 1877.

Children of William and Mary Hayes Henebry

Margaret:  married John Uppendahl on June 26, 1877 in Cook County, license # 314494.
Catherine (Katie):  married Thomas O'Brien on Sep 25, 1881 in Cook County.
Jane: b. Sep. 1850 never married?
Michael:  never married?
David: never married?


  • Francis Henebry: 1824 - 
wife:  Margaret b. 1852.  one child:  Jane b. 1876


  • Thomas Henneberry:  1828 -
David: b. 1855.  child with Mary King
Catharine: b. 1857.  child with Mary King
Michael: b. 1860.  child with Mary King
Child with Catherine O'Leary:  James T. Hennebry:  Dec 27, 1876 - Jan 24, 1877


  • David Henneberry:  1830-1918 

Children of David and Bridget Reeves Henneberry

  • David S. Henneberry III

    David S. married Anna Veronica Coveny on July 1, 1895 in Grundy County.  In the 1900 census, David and his family were living in Will County, IL.  By the 1920 census, David had died and his wife Anna and four children were living in Joliet, IL.  
    1900 Will Co. Census, ED 145-148, Line 88
    David S. Henneberry age 42 born Dec 1857; Anna V. age 30 born May 1870; Loretta age 4 born April 1896; Thomas J. age 1 born Oct 1898.
    1920 Will Co. Census. Joliet, Marion St. 
    Anna Hennebery age 49; Thomas age 21; Gertrude age 16; David age 14; James age 10.
  • Anna:   Sister Mary Camilla
  • John.  by the 1920 census, John  had moved to Perry, Iowa.
  • Jane (Jennie) Married Dennis Daniher on May 21, 1895 in Will County. She was living with her sister Agnes in Wilmington, IL from 1920 census: ED 213, line 83.
  • Christopher. 
    In the 1920 census was living in Morris, IL on Jefferson St. with his wife Margaret and daughter Florence, H516.  Christopher died April 6, 1930 in Wilmington, Will County, IL and is buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery.  Florence was born Jan. 31, 1903 in Grundy County and died Dec. 1985 in Centralia, IL
  • Mary:  Sister Mary Ursula
  • Agnes R.  In the 1920 census, Agnes was living in Wilmington, IL with her sisters, Jennie and Ursula and a niece.


  • James Henneberry:  1832-1908
David: child with Bridget Dalton.  born Dec 19, 1854 Wilmington, IL - died May 20, 1929  (Dalton City)

Children with Elizabeth Magner

Margaret: married George Waddell (Kansas City, MO)
Emma: married Edward Kinney (Illinois)
Lizzie: married Louis Dunne Nov. 24, 1893 (Louis Dunne b. July 26, 1865  d. July 24, 1903)  Lizzie married Daniel Kinney b. c. 1868 (Decatur, IL)
Teresa: died Dec 21, 1889 at age sixteen.
Agnes: married Bernard Bresnan (Dalton City)
Ambrose: 1879-1962 (Chicago, IL)


  • Elizabeth (Bessie) Henneberry:  1834-Oct. 8, 1898

Children with Dennis Hayes

William C. Hayes m. Emma Nolen in Will County on Feb 14, 1880, Lic # 7941. John Hayes m. Maggie A. Reid in Will County on Sep 14, 1882, Lic # 9264. Dennis Hayes m. Katie Kavanaugh in Will County on Sep 4, 1894, Lic # 15926.
Margaret Hayes m. Bernard Ingoldsby in Will County on Nov 5, 1895, Lic # 16585. Mary Jane married John O'Brien. 
  Children of Mary Jane and John O'Brien: Margaret, Jay, Thomas, Elizabeth, Earl, Francis, Leo, Lawrence, Mary and Stella.
Thomas (Mar. 14, 1866-Apr. 24, 1866)
David F. Patrick Elizabeth
Joseph (Feb 1868-May 16, 1869) Michael  


  • Michael Henneberry  1835-
Arrived with his parents, David and Jane, aboard the Argyle.  He was living with Jane from the 1850 Grundy County census.   Michael became a citizen on June 9, 1856 in Grundy County.  The witnesses were his brothers James and David Henneberry.    No other records for Michael.   


  • Patrick Tabor Henneberry:  July 4, 1837-April 23, 1912

Children of Patrick Henneberry & Julia Magner:

Jane: born April 18, 1866 in Grundy County, Illinois, died July 6, 1939 in Carroll County, Iowa.  Married Joseph Burns 1885 in Illinois.  Nine children.
John:  born Oct. 14, 1869 in Grundy County, died on Feb. 17, 1949 in Dalton City, IL.  Married Anna T. Dunn in Dalton City, IL.  Seven children.
James M.:  born May 26, 1881 in Iowa.  Married Anna O'Malley.  Lived in Olivia, MN.  Eight children.  Pocahontas Democrat, May 9, 1912:  "Saturday evening, the southbound stock train killed two valuable horses, also injured the third for James Henneberry, just south of town"  James died in December 1962.
David Robert:  born Oct. 8, 1884 in Dalton City, IL. died Aug. 3, 1960 in Palo Alto, CA.  Married Lucie A. LeHane in Feb. 1907 in Sacred Heart Church in Pocahontas County, Iowa.   Lived in Montana and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  One daughter, Davida, born in Calgary, Canada.  David worked for Southern California Edison and Lucie taught in the Los Angeles California Elementary School District until retiring in 1945.
Francis:  born August 1874 in Iowa.  Two children.
Joseph:  born December 1875 in Grundy County, IL.  He was a rancher near Luther, Wyoming.
Thomas Jerome:  born Feb. 27, 1878 in Grundy County, IL.   He was a physician in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


  • Mary Bridget Henneberry - Feb. 6, 1840 - Nov. 14, 1906

Children of Mary Bridget and James Tynan: 

Michael Jane E. Margaret
David Mary Ann (married Francis Kelly) Theresa (married James C. Barr)
James William Elizabeth (Mar. 14, 1881-Mar. 22, 1890)  


  • John Henneberry  February 7, 1843 - May 7, 1905

Children of John and Katherine O'Brien Henneberry

David A. Henebry.   born may 12, 1873 in Lorenzo, Will County, IL, died May 27, 1954.  married Margaret Brannick April 4, 1904 in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Minooka, Grundy County, IL
Jennie born March 1875 in Lorenzo, Will County, IL married John Michael Kavanaugh on Dec. 14, 1892 in Will County.
Mary (Mollie) born May 1877 in Lorenzo married Andrew Feeney on Oct 30, 1900 in Will County, License # 19491.
Margaret married Edward Feeney.
John born Feb 2, 1882 in Lorenzo, married Marjorie Comerford.  Dau.  Jane.  d. June 11, 1968
Frank M.  born Feb 22, 1884 in Lorenzo married Mabel Keigher.
Kathryn (Kitty) born Sept. 2, 1885 in Lorenzo.  d. March 23, 1970.
Elizabeth (Lizzie) born April 25, 1888 in Lorenzo married John Nugent.
Thomas born May 29, 1888 in Lorenzo. m.  Marie Cecelia Shier.
Harriett (Hollie) born Jan. 1892 in Lorenzo, married Thomas White.


  • Garrett Henneberry  Sept. 1846-
Arrived with his parents, David and Jane, aboard the Argyle.   In the 1880 and 1900 census, Garrett and his wife, Nora, were living in Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana.  He worked in the copper mines.   Speculation:  After Garrett died, his nephew David Henneberry, the son of Garrett's brother John Henneberry moved to Montana and later moved to California.  No records for children of Garrett.




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