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Illinois Marriage Record Index, Illinois State Genealogical Society
pages:  12,296-12,297.

Note:  Not ALL marriages, births and deaths are recorded.
Several County Courthouse records were lost to fire.  The 1890 U.S. Census records were lost to fire.  Most records before 1920 in Ireland were destroyed.

Surname Spouse Date County
Heneberry, Ann Cunningham, Daniel 10-24-1861 Peoria
Heneberry, Catherine Nolan, Edmond 1-25-1864 Macon
Heneberry, Katie O'Brien, Thomas 9-25-1881 Cook
Heneberry, Maggie Uppendahl, John 6-26-1877 Cook
Heneberry, Mathew Donald, Mary 5-8-1857 Peoria
Henebery, Bridget Gorman, John 12-12-1860 Peoria
Henebery, Ellen Purcell, Charles 00-00-1903 St. Clair
Henebery, James Foley, Mary 6-10-1874 Cook
Henebery, James S. Hunt, Maria E. 5-16-1872 Cook
Henebery, John Morrow, Bridget 4-6-1882 Cook
Henebery, Richard Sexton, Jo Anna 3-8-1859 Sangamon
Henebery, Thomas Keting, Mary 5-7-1865 De Witt
Henebey, Francis Coffey, Margaret 2-6-1875 McLean
HenebeyMary A. Shannon, John 5-23-1877 Cook
Henebra, Elizabeth Dingevan, Patrick 7-22-1857 McLean
Henebry, Ellen Kirby, Lanford 4-13-1869 Macon
Henebry, James Kelly, Catherine 8-17-1859 Peoria
Henebry, James Ganley, Ellen 1-31-1900 Piatt
Henebry, John Kitch, Emma 7-29-1869 Macon
Henebry, John O'Brien, Catherine 12-04-1869 Will
Henebry, John E. Laird, Anna 12-30-1896 Macon
Henebry, John E. Vandungan, Julia 2-6-1895 Macon
Henebry, John F. Connolly, Catharine 10-7-1872 Cook
Henebry, Margaret Dunn, Richard 1-11-1861 Macon
Henebry, Mark Corcoran, Kate 4-17-1866 Winnebago
Henebry, Philip Thorp, Bridget 2-8-1869 Macon
Henebry, Philip F. Glennon, Mary 2-19-1900 Champaign
Henebry, Thomas Cooper, Johanna 1-11-1857 Sangamon
Henebry, William Behm, Mina 6-13-1872 Will
Henneberry, Andrew Corbett, Mary 1-10-1886 Cook
Henneberry, Bridget Murphy, John 3-17-1886 Cook
Henneberry, Bridget Connelly, Timothy E. 7-13-1905 DuPage
Henneberry, Catherine Schmidt, George 9-17-1889 St. Clair
Henneberry, James Gleeson, Katy 4-23-1876 Cook
Henneberry, James E. Young, Rose A. 10-2-1872 Cook
Henneberry, John Banks, Mary 7-2-1874 Cook
Henneberry, John Mansfield, Margaret 7-1-1884 Cook
Henneberry, John Greene, Teresa 1-25-1899 DeWitt
Henneberry, Johanna Gaherty, Peter J. 9-12-1894 DeWitt
Henneberry, Kate Keefe, Patrick 7-23-1881 Cook
Henneberry, Kate Watkins, Joseph C. 7-6-1892 Macon
Henneberry, Lizzie Heaphy, Michael 7-7-1886 Cook
Henneberry, Mary E. Feeney, Andrew 10-30-1900 Will
Henneberry, Michael C. Murphy, Anna 4-27-1878 Cook
Henneberry, Patrick Doody, Hannah 10-23-1880 Cook
Henneberry, Thomas O'Leary, Catherine 6-20-1867 Will
Henneberry, William Ryan, Nellie 2-7-1900 St. Clair
Henneberry, William P. Neill, Honora C. 5-12-1874 Cook
Hennebry, Elizabeth Hays, Dennis 2-23-1857 Will
Hennebry, Jennie Kavanaugh, Michael 12-14-1892 Will
Hennebry, Jennie Daniher, Dennis 5-21-1895 Will
Hennebry, Michael Umsted, Annie 4-11-1895 Will
Hennebry, Elizabeth Kating, Timothy 2-9-1875 Macon
Hennebry, James Pursell, Margaret 10-30-1884 Cook
Hennebry, John J. Lawlor, Lucy 9-26-1883 Will
Hennebry, Mary Walsh, Patrick 7-6-1857 McLean
Hennebry, Nellie Hughes, Patrick E. 4-13-1880 Will
Hennebry, Thomas Kean, Catherine 12-28-1875 Will
Henebry, William F. O' Grady, Ellen 3-6-1896 Will

Illinois Department of Public Health; Death Index by Name.

Surname Date of Death County Township
Henneberry, Adelaide 10-6-1943 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Andrew 7-19-1923 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Anna 7-11-1935 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Anna J. 4-12-1933 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Anna Ruth 10-17-1918 Macon Mount Zion
Henneberry, Beatrice 4-21-1945 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Bernard 10-7-1924 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Bridget 2-16-1942 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Bridget 12-18-1918 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Bridget 11-12-1921 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Catherine 7-17-1918 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Christopher F. 4-5-1930 Will Wilmington
Henneberry, David 10-29-1918 Will Wilmington
Henneberry, David 5-21-1929 Moultrie Dalton City
Henneberry, Edward 12-26-1935 Cook Oak Park
Henneberry, Edward J. 2-20-1939 Kankakee  
Henneberry, Elizabeth 6-14-1940 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Emma 11-21-1935 Cook Oak Park
Henneberry, George F. JR 6-14-1922 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Hannah 1-19-1939 Macon Decatur
Henneberry, Helen 11-5-1944 Cook Oak Park
Henneberry, Honora 12-21-1942 Logan Lincoln
Henneberry, Ida 3-6-1922 Will Joliet
Henneberry, James 6-28-1944 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, James J. 9-27-1933 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Johanna 2-11-1939 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, John 1-10-1923 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, John 4-25-1930 Madison Wood River
Henneberry, John 4-12-1938 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, John 2-21-1939 Macon Decatur
Henneberry, John 9-25-1943 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, John 12-16-1944 Kankakee Manteno
Henneberry, John Baker 12-19-1916 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, John F. 12-24-1932 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, John  J. 6-19-1921 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Lucy  L. 2-4-1923 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Mancella 9-7-1945 Livingston Pontiac
Henneberry, Margaret 10-7-1942 Cook Northfield
Henneberry, Margaret 3-31-1945 Will Joliet
Henneberry, Margaret Mary 11-30-1922 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Marie 9-6-1945 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Mark 10-22-1923 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Martin J. 9-17-1937 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Mary 8-31-1931 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Mary Ann 9-25-1931 LaSalle Deer Park
Henneberry, Mary Lou 3-1-1932 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Michael 8-21-1931 Will Joliet
Henneberry, Nicholas 5-29-1929 LaSalle Deer Park
Henneberry, Owen 11-20-1917 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Owen 12-11-1929 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Patrick 4-8-1932 Champaign Urbana
Henneberry, Patrick 2-14-1934 Ford Paxton
Henneberry, Patrick 7-31-1939 Jo Daviess  
Henneberry, Philip Joseph 4-5-1931 Cook Oak Park
Henneberry, Reta F. 3-17-1927 Will Joliet
Henneberry, Rose 7-2-1916 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, SR. Mary 10-28-1940 Kane Aurora
Henneberry, T. Irene 4-29-1933 Will Joliet
Henneberry, Teresa 7-19-1930 Macon Decatur
Henneberry, Thomas 7-22-1919 LaSalle LaSalle
Henneberry, Thomas 7-1-1921 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Thomas C. 12-15-1936 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Thomas D. 3-26-1940 Will Joliet
Henneberry, Thomas Joseph 7-18-1927 Piatt Cerro Gordo
Henneberry, Thomas M. 10-7-1937 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, Thos 1-04-1916 DeWitt Clinton
Henneberry, W. Clara 9-08-1930 Macon Decatur
Henneberry,William P. 5-12-1928 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, William Paul 5-11-1934 Cook Chicago
Henneberry, William Robert 5-3-1918 Cook Chicago
Hennebery, Lizzie 3-3-1944 Cook Chicago
Hennebery, Elizabeth 2-16-1926 Cook Chicago
Hennebery, Johanna 9-4-1923 LaSalle LaSalle
Hennebery, John F. 8-12-1938 Peoria Peoria
Hennebery, Michael 4-3-1925 Will Joliet
Hennebery, William 11-28-1917 JoDaviess Derinda
Hennebey, David 5-26-1934 Will Troy
Hennebey, Thomas 5-20-1924 Will Joliet
Heneberry, James 2-7-1944 Cook Chicago
Heneberry, Mary 12-30-1942 Moultrie Bethany
Heneberry, Richard 12-31-1942 Peoria Limestone
Heneberry, Walter F. 4-9-1945 Madison Nameoki
Henebery, Elizabeth 8-22-1917 Moultrie Dora
Henebery, James J. 12-24-1945 Cook Chicago
Henebery, James N. 11-7-1941 Peoria Peoria
Henebery, John E. 2-18-1916 Sangamon Springfield
Henebery, Lucy 7-19-1938 Peoria Peoria
Henebery, Mike 5-1-1935 Peoria Peoria
Henebery, Nellie 10-14-1934 Peoria Peoria
Henebery, Nellie Harney 1-22-1926 Peoria Peoria
Henebry, Anna 12-13-1928 Macon Decatur
Henebry, Donald 8-16-1940 Macon Decatur
Henebry, Ellen 2-16-1944 Macon Decatur
Henebry, Emma 10-25-1927 Macon Niantic
Henebry, Emma 10-2-1928 Cook Chicago
Henebry, Frank 10-31-1933 Cook Chicago
Henebry, John 3-28-1920 Macon Niantic
Henebry, Joseph 6-3-1928 Cook Chicago
Henebry, Joseph A. 8-2-1937 Will Joliet
Henebry, Mary 11-3-1916 Piatt Bement
Henebry, Phillip 4-3-1926 Piatt Bement
Henebry, Thomas J. 1-3-1941 Macon Decatur
Henebry, William J.` 1-15-1944 Peoria Peoria



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