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Bresnan Family Pages


Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940

  • Bresnan, John:     Place : Boston    Year : 1849   Primary Individual : Bresnan, John    Source Code : 56.3  Source Name : ADAMSON, RAYMOND J. "I Pledge Allegiance." In Ancestoring [Augusta Genealogical Society, Georgia]. No. 5 (1982), pp. 29-40 (1838-1852).  Source Page # : 40
  • Bresnan, John:     Place : New York, NY    Year : 1847     Age : 32  Primary Individual : Bresnan, John    Source Code : 8777 Source Name : "SOME CHARLESTON NATURALIZATION RECORDS." In The Carolina Herald. Vol. 7:2 (Oct. 1979), pp. 5-8. Source Annotation : About a quarter of the holdings of the Clerk of Court's Office at Charles County, S.C., covering the 1840s to 1903. Gives names, dates of petition, dates of arrival, ages, often occupations, sometimes residences. Many countries of origin.     Source Page # : 7
  • Bresnan, Michael:     Place : Allegheny Co., PA    Year : 1875  Primary Individual : Bresnan, Michael    Source Code : 9699  Source Name : WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, Pittsburgh, compilers. A List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Papers in the District Courts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh: the society. Vol. 4, section 2, 1876-1879. 1980. 107p. 10,650 names (both sections).  Source Annotation : Much information given, including date of intention to acquire citizenship, date of naturalization, place of residence, country of birth, and name of sponsor.    Source Page # : 8
  • Bresnan, Michael:     Place : California    Year : 1861  Primary Individual : Bresnan, Michael    Source Code : 1050.2  Source Name : "BUTTE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, GREAT REGISTER." In Genealogical Goldmine: The Paradise Genealogical Society. Vol. 15:2 (Sept. 1982), pp. 15-20 (A-B).      Source Page # : 17
  • Bresnan, Stephen:      Place : Boston    Year : 1849     Age : 30  Primary Individual : Bresnan, Stephen    Source Code : 5328  Source Name : MASSACHUSETTS. SUPERINTENDENT OF ALIEN PASSENGERS. A List of Alien Passengers, Bonded from January 1, 1847, to January 1, 1851, for the Use of the Overseers of the Poor, in the Commonwealth. Boston, Mass.: 1851. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1971. 99p.  Source Annotation : Often referred to as Munroe's Alien Passengers, because it was prepared under the direction of the Auditor of Accounts by J.B. Munroe, Superintendent of Alien Passengers for the Port of Boston.    Source Page # : 12
  • Bresnan, Catharine:   Country of Origin : Ireland  Arrival Date : July 1, 1848, Boston  Age : 17  Microfilm Source : Series M277, Roll 25 National Archives
  • Bresnan, Corny:   Country of Origin : Ireland Arrival Date : July 11, 1850, Boston  Age : 20  Port of Departure : Liverpool  Ship : Brig Parthean  Microfilm Source : Series M277, Roll 35 National Archives
  • Bresnan, Michael:   Country of Origin : Ireland  Arrival Date : October 2, 1849, Boston  Age : 17  Occupation : Laborer  Port of Departure : Liverpool  Ship : Ship Epaminondas  Microfilm Source : Series M277, Roll 32 National Archives
  • Bresnan, Stephen:  Country of Origin:  Ireland.  Age: 30.  Arrival:  Nov. 19, 1849.  Ship:  Bark Robert.  Source: CD #257

Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

Name County Parish Townland Property Value
Bresnan, Anne   Limerick Ballinard  Cloghaviller House  
Bresnan, James Limerick Ballinard Rootiagh House, office & 43 acres  
Bresnan, James Limerick Cahercorney Ballingoola 3 acres  
Bresnan, Michael Limerick Ballinard   Rootiagh House, office & 43 acres  
Bresnan, William Limerick Ballinard Rootiagh 15 acres  
Bresnan, William Limerick Ballinard   Village of Herbertstown House, office & 42 acres  

 Property Information submitted by David Maloney


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