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Cushing/Cussen Family from Galbally Ireland

The family name is spelled Quishing, Quishian, Cushen and Cussen in Ireland, and Cushion, Cushing, and Chushing in America. As with many Irish surnames, there are other variations as well.  The surname is claimed to be of Norman origin and dates to the 13th century in Ireland.  In 920, the Vikings established a settlement near Limerick, Ireland.


The Cussens have been in Ireland since 1295, and are regarded as hibernicized Normans. At the beginning of the fourteenth century they were found in Counties Cork, Tipperary in the Meath-Louth area. Their principal seat was at Farrahy, near Kildorrery, Co. Cork, which was renamed Bowenscourt when the Welsh family of Bowen (Ap Owen) acquired the property subsequent to the ruin of the Cussens under the Cromwellian regime. The name was often written Cushine or Cooshin; it appears as Coshin and Cooshene in King James 11's army list. Coosheene is phonetically the same as the form used in Irish - Cúisín. In the Fiants of the previous century there are a number of other variants including Quyshen - Robert oge Quyshen of Grange, Co. Limerick, was attainted in 1593. The majority of these are in Co. Limerick, but a family of the name was evidently well established in Co. Westmeath, for among the 1582 pardons we find Edmond Cushene, of Cushenstown , and Edward Cushine of the same place in the 1659 census. Families of Cussen etc., were formerly numerous in Leinster (there was another Cushenstown alias Cosinestown in Co. Wexford and Cussin is listed in 1659 as a principal name in the barony of Forth. Cussen, the usual form today, is mainly found in Counties Limerick and Cork. The form Cushing survives in Co. Wexford and is prominent in the person of Cardinal Cushing, a recent Archbishop of Boston. Adam Cussin (fl. 1395) was one of the scribes of the Book of Uí Maine. A Cussyn was M.P. for Athy in 1560. Since the submergence of the Gaelic order the name has not been prominent in Irish public life. Source:  Edward MacLysaght. More Irish Families, Dublin, 1996, page 73. 

James C. Cushing (1775?-1858)  Wife:  Honora (1780?-Oct. 1849)
            Children of James and Honora:  Jane, Patrick, Catherine and James.  

The Cushing families lived near Galbally, Ireland.  Galbally is in County Limerick but is only a few miles from the border of County Tipperary.

1.  Jane (Cussen) Cushing married David Henneberry in the Church of Christ the King in Galbally, Ireland on January 21, 1819.  The witnesses to the marriage were Michael Leary and Frances Cushing.  Jane is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington, Illinois.  Other family records might be found in the Bansha Parish north of Galbally.  Jane Cushing  Henneberry (1802-March 7, 1881) born in County Tipperary Ireland  died in Will County Illinois and is buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery in Wilmington, IL.   Parents of Jane were James and Honora Cushing .  James died in 1858 in Illinois, and Honora died October, 1849 in DuPage County, IL.

Photo taken in studio of J. Kegebein on Library Street in Morris, Illinois.

This photo "could" be Jane Cushing Henneberry


2.  Patrick Cushing (1811 – Sept. 1849)  baptized Sep. 3, 1811.
married Margaret O’Meara (1816-1862)

Also aboard the Ship Argyle with the Henneberry, Ryan and Kiely families was the family of Patrick Cussen .  Patrick age 35, Margaret age 30 and children; Hannah age 6, Edmond age 5, Patrick age 3 and Garrett age 1.  Patrick is the brother of Jane.  The family arrived from Cork in the Port of New York on June 17, 1848.

            Children:  Hannah (1843-1898) baptized: Feb 5, 1843. 
                    Married Robert Lamping in Will County on April 12, 1860.
              Edmond (1844-Feb. 19, 1919) 
                Married Sara E. Reeves in Will County on Oct. 23, 1872.  Sara:(1853-March 1912).
              Patrick (1845-May 14, 1895) 
                Married Mary Maloney in Will County on Sep 25, 1873.  Mary:(1851-Nov. 1, 1948)
                        Children of Patrick and Mary: Edmund (June 1874-Aug. 12, 1874)
                            Catherine (Sept. 1875-Dec. 27, 1875)
                            Harry (1877-Feb. 19, 1882)   Daniel (July 1879-?)
                            Edmund (1889-Nov. 8, 1911)

             Garrett (1847-?)  married Honora
                        Children of Garrett and Honora:  Edmond James (1878-1896)
                            Margaret (Feb. 1880-Aug. 16, 1882)  Herbert (1884-1896)

Edmond, Garrett and Patrick Cushing all served in the Civil War.  They were in Illinois company B of the 23rd Infantry.

3.  Margaret (Catherine) Cushing:  (1815?-Feb. 1850) 
            Married John Ryan (1810?-Feb. 1850)  Married in Will County on Nov 23, 1861.
                      Children:  James (1839-?)  Ellen (1842-?)  Hannah (1844-?)
                          John (1846-?)    


4.  James Cushing:  (1826-1906) Baptized: Dec 2, 1826, witnesses William Hayes and John    Cussen.    Married Mary Handerhan
            one child:  James (Nov. 4, 1857-1929) 
arried Nellie Hogan in Cook County on May 24, 1879.

It is very possible that the James and Mary Cushing family were the first to emigrate from Galbally, Ireland to Illinois in the early 1840’s.  James worked on the Illinois and Michigan canal in the early 1840’s.  James is the brother of Jane Cushing Henneberry.  See article below.  Perhaps this is what brought the Henneberry family to Grundy County Illinois.

The 1870 census for Felix Township in Grundy County, Illinois shows a James Cushing  age 18 living with the Patrick Henneberry Family, this could be the James S. Cushing described below.  The dates do not match; 1857 could have been misread as 1852 for the year of birth.  On the farm between David Henneberry and Elizabeth Henneberry Hayes was the James Cushing  family.  James Cushing  was listed as a farmer age 40 with his wife Bridget age 40 and a son, John age 13.  Bridget McGraw was the second wife of James, and John could be the son of Bridget.   

From the 1880 Moultrie County, Illinois census: Francis Henebery age 57, wife Maggie age 28, children: Jane age 4 and a farm laborer-James Cushing, age 22, a relative of Jane Cushing, the mother of Francis.  Could this be the James S. Cushing in the article below?  The age would be consistent with 1857, but the article indicates that James S. remained at home until he married in 1879. 

Purchaser: CUSHING JAMES Record ID: 518313:   Land Sale Record in Illinois.
Date: 08/01/1861
Acres: 0
Price: 0.0
Type of sale: Canal (CN)
County: 99  Will County
Section: 9 Section Part: L1BL6NENJL
Township: 35N Range: 10E
Meridian: 3 Purchaser Res:
Arch. Vol. No: L7B Vol. Page No.: 075
Cash warrant code: Record corrected: 0

Source:  History of Grundy County, 1914

CUSHING, James S., one of the substantial agriculturalists in Grundy County, whose efforts intelligently directed have resulted in the accumulation of large realty holdings, from which he reaps gratifying returns, is a man who has long resided in Goose Lake Township, but was born at Lemont, Ill., November 4, 1857, a son of James and Mary (Handerhan) Cushing, natives of Tipperary, Ireland. These parents came to Chicago when single, and were there married. During the early forties, the father worked on the Illinois and Michigan canal, but later bought forty acres in the vicinity of Lemont, paying $200 for it. Four years later, he sold it for $800, and came to what is now Goose Lake Township, Grundy County. Here he bought 120 acres, where he died, April 25, 1906. His first wife died when their son James was born, and later he married (second) Bridget McGraw, born at Kingston, Ireland, who died December 22, 1906. James S. Cushing was the only child of his father. He grew up amid rural surroundings, receiving his educational training in the district schools. He remained at home until his marriage, on May 27, 1879, to Nellie Hogan, born at Chicago, daughter of Thomas and Ann (McGraw) Hogan, of Tipperary, Ireland. Following his marriage, James Cushing brought 100 acres in Felix Township, Grundy County, living on this farm for fourteen years. At this time his father transferred his real estate and all other property to him, and in 1895, Mr. Cushing moved to his adjoining farm in Goose Lake Township, on which he and his father had erected a handsome residence and large modern barns. At present Mr. Cushing owns 280 acres in his home place, of which he tills 165, the balance being in pasture land. He raises Durham and Galloway cattle and Percheron horses and Duroc-Jersey swine. In addition to his agricultural interests, Mr. Cushing has been an auctioneer since 1884, and his services are in demand by those who desire faithful attention to their interests. Mr. and Mrs. Cushing became the parents of the following children: Frank, who lives at Mazon, Ill., has three children, Francis, James and Cassie; May, who is the wife of Michael Terrell, of Wilmington, Ill., and they have Michael, James, John, Frank and Agnes; James, who is at home, married Mary Phillips, and they have one daughter, Anna V.; Anna, who is the wife of T. I. Naughton, of Aurora, Ill., and they have Loretta, Edward and Timothy J.; Elvah, who is the wife of John McCabe, of Gardner, and they have one son, John F.; Robert, Mathew, Ella, Thomas, George and William, the last six children being at home. Their are thirteen grandchildren. Mr. Cushing belongs to the Catholic Church of Wilmington, Ill., and to the Modern Woodmen of America of the same place. He has served as school director and trustee, and is a man of public spirit, who is interested in securing good government in every department of the township, county, state and nation.

The Dennis Cushing family from Galbally Ireland.



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