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Henebry, Henneberry Family Members


First Maiden Birth Birth Place Death Death Place Burial
Bresnan Bernard            
Bresnan Bernard H.   Aug 3, 1872   Sep 1, 1941 Decatur, IL St. Isidore
Bresnan Mary Agnes Henneberry Jan 27, 1877 Wilmington, IL Aug 3, 1942 Decatur, IL St. Isidore
Burk Dorothy Bresnan July 1, 1906   Sep 1, 1986 Decatur, IL  
Cahill Laverna Bresnan July 23, 1899   Dec 1, 1981 Decatur, IL St. Isidore
Dunn Homer   July 2, 1865 Findlay, IL      
Henneberry Ambrose   1879 Wilmington, IL Feb 6, 1962 DuPage Co. DuPage Co
Henneberry Bep   1834 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry Bridget   1842 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry Bridget   1805 Ireland      
Henneberry Bridget   1844 Ireland      
Henneberry David   1798 Co. Limerick 1849 Illinois  
Henneberry David   1836 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry David   Dec 19, 1856 Wilmington, IL May 20  1929 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry David   1855        
Henneberry Elizabeth Magner May 1, 1837 Co. Tipperary Aug 27, 1917 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry Emmett   1894 Illinois June 25, 1970 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry Ellen   1823 Ireland      
Henneberry Francis   1827 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry Francis   1874 Illinois      
Henneberry Garrett   1844 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry Henry   1828 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry James   Feb 3, 1832 Co. Tipperary July 28, 1908 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry James   1818 Ireland      
Henneberry Jane   1867 Illinois      
Henneberry Jane Cushing 1802 Co. Tipperary Mar. 1881 Illinois Mt. Olivet
Henneberry John   1828 Ireland      
Henneberry John   1842 Ireland      
Henneberry John   1870 Illinois      
Henneberry Joseph   1872 Illinois      
Henneberry Julia   1842 Ireland      
Henneberry Mary Delahunty 1859   1942 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry Mary Alice   1898 Illinois 1976 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry Michael   1839 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry Michael   1848 Ireland      
Henneberry Patrick   1840 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry Teresa   1873 Illinois Dec 1, 1889 Dalton City St. Isidore
Henneberry Thomas   1829 Ireland      
Henneberry Thomas   1846 Ireland      
Henneberry William   1825 Co. Limerick      
Henneberry William   1824 Ireland      
Kinney Ambrose D.            
Kinney Daniel   1854 Oakley, IL     St. Isidore
Kinney Edward   July 13, 1863 Oakley, IL Jan 3, 1926 Taylorville IL St. Maurice
Kinney Elizabeth A.   Aug 6, 1899 Illinois Nov 12, 1994 Decatur, IL  
Kinney Lizzie Henneberry Dec 5, 1869 Wilmington, IL Mar 9, 1960 Decatur, IL St. Isidore
Kinney Emma Jane Henneberry Oct 24, 1868 Wilmington, IL Feb 8, 1924 Morrisonville St. Maurice
Kinney Eva M.   Nov 8, 1894 Illinois Dec 1, 1964 Decatur, IL  
Kinney Leo E.            
Kinney Ray            
Kinney Ronella T.   Nov 1, 1900 Illinois May 1, 1974 Decatur, IL  
Knowles Aimee Dunn Feb 2, 1902 Findlay, IL Mar 31, 1975 Decatur, IL St. Isidore
Sheehan Irene Bresnan Aug 25, 1907 Illinois Jan 21, 1998 Dalton City St. Isidore
Waddell Avis            
Waddell Clarice   1892 Illinois Feb 29, 1988    
Waddell G. Cecil            
Waddell George            
Waddell Margaret Henneberry 1865 Wilmington, IL      
Waddell Ross   1891   1963    
Witt Vera Dunn Jan 23, 1897 Findlay, IL   Decatur, IL  




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